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"I'm pretty hard-nosed. I don't like to lay down and die. I'm a warrior." - Brock Lesnar

Farm boy turned WWE superstar Brock Edward Lesnar was born on July 12, 1977 back in his small native hometown of Webster, South Dakota. He was born and raised on his father's dairy farm. "Edward" was the first name of his paternal grandfather who sadly passed away back in 1989 when Lesnar was still attending junior high school. Lesnar is of German and Polish descent and is a Catholic. He is the third child and third son of Richard and Stephanie
Lesnar. He has two older brothers named Troy and Chad and a younger sister named Brandi Nichol, who currently attends Lesnar's college alma matter University of Minnesota.

Back in his senior year at the University of Minnesota, Lesnar met his now current fiancée Nicole back in 1999. The two also have a daughter named Mya Lynn, who was born back on Wednesday, April 10, 2002 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (WWE color commentator Jim Ross did a rather humorous Ross Report on her birth). Lesnar, Nicole, and Mya currently live in Excelsior, a suburb of Minneapolis. Lesnar's parents Richard and Stephanie live near him as well and his sister Brandi is also in Minnesota.

While he is now a 6'4 295 lb hulking giant, Lesnar was not always like this. When he was a baby, he was nicknamed "Pork chops" for his rather chubby face and body. Lesnar was even nicknamed "Brock Head" for his rather prominent sized face and head by some of his relatives, but of course that name was disliked. Lesnar's old school friend, Justin, who appeared on the WWE insider program, Confidential claimed that he was the one who started calling Lesnar, "Broccoli" and teasing him on things of how "Hey Brock-oli you have bad taste."

Even at the mere tender age of 5, Lesnar enjoyed wrestling and kicking ass. He even already had his own specialized Bear Hug; he used it for so long that everyone started calling it the Brock Lock. Lesnar was a quiet kid…with glasses. He often kept to himself, still sometimes does even now. He was quiet, but he loved to bully around people (probably came from Troy and Chad bullying him). He woke up sometimes at the crack of dawn, sometimes even a bit before then to help his siblings and father out on the farm. He milked
120 cows every morning. When he grew older, he helped deliver calves. Also in high school, he worked on his high school wrestling coach's pig farm (John Schilley). Lesnar actually scooped up pig manure as a job.

Then as he grew older, by his senior year in high school, Lesnar was 200 lbs but according to he and his mother "scrawny" and "was a string bean, just arms and legs." Confidential footage shows a very freakishly skinny Lesnar competing in a wrestling and we do mean freakish, while he was incredibly tall but skinny he still had incredible strength. Actually, while Lesnar did attend Webster High School, he left in his junior year for a short 1-year stint in the National Guard, but returned home. After graduating, Lesnar moved to North Dakota and lived in the dorms of Bismarck Junior College. This was when he started to bulk up to the physique we're all oh so familiar with now.

At Bismarck, Lesnar continued to wrestle and even won the NJCAA Championships. After 2 years at Bismarck, the wrestling team's funds were cut and Lesnar had no choice but to transfer to his wrestling teams' rival college-the University of Minnesota in 1998 on a wrestling scholarship. He and his family then moved to the Twin Cities. 1998 was the year none other than our Olympic Hero Kurt Angle debuted, an Olympic Gold Medallist amateur
wrestler. This was when Lesnar got addicted to pro-wrestling. Now this was also when Vince and the WWE showed up. They heard about this young phenomenon amateur wrestler and they were greatly intrigued. Actually, Lesnar's wrestling coach was a former roommate of WWE bookie Gerald Brisco, who also attended the U of M, Lesnar himself claims that his coach did not tell him that WWE was interested in recruiting him because he didn't want to
distract or quite possibly disappoint him. WWE originally spoke to Lesnar about him joining them back in his junior year at the U of M, but Lesnar declined stating that he had one more year left and wanted to graduate and obtain a degree to "fall back on" (which he succeeded in!)

While attending the U of M, Lesnar met now-fellow WWE superstar, Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin was a senior while Lesnar had just joined in as a transferred junior. Benjamin was a roommate of Lesnar's and a coach was well. While also at the U of M, Lesnar became great rivals with Wes Hand from Iowa State. Hand defeated Lesnar for the first time in 1999, and Lesnar vowed revenge. And even before their match, Hand showed no sportsmanship at all as Lesnar called him out center to shake his hand-as Lesnar extended his hand, Hand just looked at him and ran back to his team's side of the arena. Lesnar was left standing there humiliated as he did nothing but wave goodbye. Lesnar also first lost the 1999 NCAA Championships to Bakersfield's Steve Nealon. While Nealon celebrated, Lesnar was seen near tears in the center of the arena. Also in 1999, his senior year, Lesnar met his current fiancée Nicole. She also attended most of his wrestling matches back at the U of M as well as SummerSlam 2002, but that comes later. As stated before, Lesnar vowed revenge…and he did get revenge. In 2000, just a few months short of graduation, Lesnar defeated Hand and finally won the NCAA Championship. According to Lesnar himself he felt that he needed to get that "burden" off him before he graduated and he did.

Now…to WWE. Lesnar got into contact with McMahon and WWE soon after graduation. Lesnar left for WWE's Stamford Offices to sign a contract back in August 2000. He then was required to train at OVW, the testing ground for potential WWE superstars in Kentucky. After Lesnar was recruited, so was fellow Minnesota team mate Shelton Benjamin. At OVW, they reunited and formed the tag team the Minnesota Stretching Crew. There they met other fellow and now current WWE superstars, Randy Orton, John Cena, Rico Constantino, Charlie Haas, David Batista, and Lisa Marie Varon (Victoria). Lesnar even developed his devastating finisher the F-5, which many believe to be named after the highest tornado warning level. Lesnar claims that he developed the move after "missing around" and that he probably got the F-5 from watching too many "Japanese wrestling tapes." Lesnar proved to be a natural in the ring, but on the mic and promo skills, however, he needed to improve. OVW actually considered holding him back for his less than stellar mic skills, but thought not (lucky for him and us!) After training for a year, Lesnar then began to appear in dark matches (non-televised pre-show matches) in 2001. (By the way, back then, Lesnar had a bit of a goatee, which many of us did not see and it also took Vince 5 months to think of the concept of Lesnar's heel character as the Next Big Thing. Lesnar also loved and welcomed the idea of being a monstrous killing machine because he had a desire to be "big and scary" and Lesnar was also looking to be recruited by New Japan)

Lesnar officially debuted however on the RAW episode right after WrestleMania X8 back in March 2002. Lesnar was there for WMX8, just roaming around the streets of Toronto and around backstage. He walked into the arena along side former ECW owner, Paul Heyman who played his "agent." For the next couple of months, Heyman even played Lesnar's mouth piece since as mentioned before his mic and promo skills weren't exactly up to par. Lesnar
remained silent, just destroying and pretty much pissing off everything and everyone in his path. Namely the Hardy Boyz, N.W.O, RVD (Robert Szatkowsky), Hulk Hogan (Terry Bollea), even the WWE Divas, Lita (Amy Dumas) and Trish Stratus (Patricia Stratigias). It was only two months into his debut when Lesnar was first heard speaking on-camera when he started arguing with Heyman. Lesnar's first words were "Shut up Paul!" which led to a great and incredibly loud uproar from the audience not only because he finally spoke but because people knew all too well how big a mouth Heyman had.

In April 2002, Lesnar's little girl, Mya Lynn was born in Minneapolis at 8lbs 8ozs. Lesnar of course couldn't exactly spend that much time with her because he then had to leave overseas. Lesnar made his PPV debut in Backlash back in May 2002 against RVD whom he of course defeated and later faced once more in a rematch a month later back in June 2002 at the PPV, King of the Ring. Lesnar went through both Test (Andrew Martin) and then RVD to become the 2002 King of the Ring. In winning KOTR, Lesnar also obtained a title shot against then current WWE Champion, The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) at the next PPV, SummerSlam in August 2002. Lesnar of course won and became the youngest WWE Champion in history. On a later Confidential in which there was a special short "documentary" on Lesnar and his SummerSlam victory, we are shown that his parents, Richard and Stephanie were there front row to watch their son become champion. Lesnar's mother even said that he told them he wasn't going to win just to surprise them even more when he did win. Lesnar's fiancée, Nicole was also there to cheer for him front row, she held a sign that said "The Next Big Thing Mya Lynn." Cam shots of her are shown when Lesnar throws and picks up The Rock out ringside.

After SummerSlam, in September 2002, Lesnar faced The Undertaker (Mark Calloway) at Unforgiven, which was a no contest after Taker tossed Lesnar through the wooden sign. The events between Lesnar and Taker that led to Unforgiven were incredibly captivating. Lesnar's character played mind games with Taker by bringing in his real-life wife, Sara Calloway, who was really pregnant at that time. Lesnar not only harassed Sara backstage by placing his hand on her pregnant belly and whispering "Life's a b****!" but also bringing in a woman named Tracy (Playmate Tracy Dali) who claimed to be Taker's mistress and by "breaking" Taker's hand with a fire extinguisher. Then in October 2002 at No Mercy, Lesnar and Taker had a rematch, this time in the most brutal bloodiest match ever in Hell In A Cell. Both Lesnar and Taker were busted open, but Lesnar of course retained his title. After Lesnar won, he was about to walk up the ramp to return back stage, but instead had a change of heart and decided to place the title around his neck and climb to the top of the cage-where he held up his coveted title in triumph high up and above everyone in the arena including a bloodied Taker down below. Lesnar received a major standing ovation despite his heel status. This moment became the very definition of WWE's future.

Then in November 2002, after receiving a handshake and congratulations from Taker on a SmackDown! episode, Lesnar once again had to defend his title this time to the Big Show (Paul Wight) who took out Taker by tossing him down the ramp at Survivor Series. Lesnar was originally supposed to hold on to the championship for a little while longer, but he eventually lost the title to Show after he accidentally injured Lesnar at a house show where he bruised and broke some of Lesnar's ribs. However at Survivor Series, while Lesnar was defeated, he managed to answer the question: "Can Brock Lesnar F-5 the 7'2, 500 lb Big Show?"…The answer was a resounding yes!!! But the loss was made less prominent by having Heyman "screw" Lesnar out of retaining the title by interfering and joining Show as his "client."

Then comes Armageddon, December 2002, Lesnar's actual real-life idol, Kurt Angle faces Show for the title and asks Lesnar for "help" and that in return Lesnar would be the first in line for a title shot. Lesnar did just that by running down the ramp and F-5ing Show in order for Angle to get the cover and become a 3 time WWE Champ. Angle however went back on his word on the next episode of SmackDown! and revealed that he and Heyman were in
cahoots. Heyman even introduced Team Angle composed of Seton Hall's Charlie Haas and none other than Lesnar's former roommate and team mate, Shelton Benjamin.

Then in the new year 2003, in January at the Royal Rumble, Lesnar again had a rematch with Show this time defeating him-but no title! Lesnar then went on to compete in the 30-man (15 Raw, 15 SD) competition-the Royal Rumble itself. Lesnar eliminated last, none other than Taker himself (who returned that night) to become the 2003 Royal Rumble winner. Now…the rivalry between Lesnar and Angle still continues.

Nearly a year and already Lesnar went from being the Next Big Thing to just officially the Big Thing. He has made it to the cover of 4 issues of WWE magazine already and has appeared in numerous other magazines and now of course on the Net. We all hope that he continues his success and wish him nothing but the best.

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